41 Configuration menu. Configuring the MachFive Plug-in. 43 Overview. 44 Conserving If you have questions, please review this manual carefully first. I recently purchased Mach Five from a seller on Ebay, included are the two 3 ring binder, and a couple of wire bound quick start manuals. Get up and running with MOTU’s MachFive 3, an ideal software sampler You might notice Soundbank names appearing there if you mount them manually.

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It just so happens that MOTU has utilized a rather complex transfer process, but it is workable, and I kind of enjoyed the iLok transfer process once I understood what needed to be done I mwnual to log in as the seller and transfer the license to me, then delete the iLok from his account so it became free for me to associate with my account.

By default, the ” Sample ” Sampling Oscillator will load. Use the Wrench icon to the right of the word Layers to reveal different mixing parameters for each Layer.

Enhanced sample library support. MacPro5,1six core 2 x 3. For me, this deal still is a very good one. I will now also be able to upgrade to version 2, which we are all curious to see I’m sure.

That’s what your really buying if you are buying legit, the registration rights to become a bonified user in the eyes of the company who produces your product. I have explored the installed “Mach Five Files” folder as well as the installer cdrom and DVD soundbank and have not located a user’s manual.

– What’s New

I buy most of my studio software new from the likes of Sweetwater, Audiomide, and Guitar Center Reason 1 then upgraded to 2, 2.

Directly, with no conversion. Just wanted to say I am very impressed with MOTU customer support and how they worked with me to resolve this. Once created, you can change the Oscillator type anytime by selecting a different Synthesis Oscillator from the drop-down menu, found next to the word “FM” above the Oscillator Section, or next to the name of manuak Oscillator type you originally loaded.


Powerful new synth engine Twelve forms of synthesis that span music history From modular analog pioneered in the ‘s to milestone breakthroughs like FM and wavetable synthesis in the decades that followed, MachFive 3 delivers twelve synth engines that make it a powerful multi-synthesizer in its own right. By their truest definition, Programs are at least one Layer. This update requires a previous full install and authorize of MachFive v. I really prefer hard copy manuals over Mwchfive.

It is totally worth it to me, as I am basically buying this to check it out. Am I missing an additional cdrom with the pdf manual on it? Your entire MF3 workflow makes up your Multi. Once an Oscillator is added, it is stored in a Keygroup.

Keygroups from multiple Layers can be triggered simultaneously, or independently to isolate different sets of Keygroups.

The MachFive window expands to fill your entire computer monitor. Mon Dec 31, Go full-screen or go home. Beauty and brawn Designed to inspire.

This seller didn’t provide all that is necessary to register the product when he shipped it, but he is working it out.

• PDF User Manual for Mach Five?

Parts are similar to the tracks in your DAW. Here’s how to set this up: Have they changed this now with Logic 6 and 7? I still have to have have the previous owner contact MOTU to inform them of the change of registration. You can add an unlimited number of Parts, but keep in mind, you are still confined to the number of independent MIDI channels available to trigger each Part, either 16 if MF3 is being used as a plug-in, or 64 when being used in a standalone mode.

Download Interlok Extensions Update. Anything loaded in MachFive 3 consists of at least one Oscillator. MachFive’s sophisticated instruments are truly technological marvels: An update of the Interlok Extensions is required for this update; see link below.


When you launch MF3 as a plug-in or standalone application, there are four Parts added, named “Empty” by default. The new WahWah Filter emulates the sound of a classic wah wah pedal. It included a speical custom 3 ring binder, and a couple of wire bound quick start manuals. Don’t get me wrong, I hear you loud and clear.

Surgically enhance your loops. From big screen to home studio: When working in the Main view, Keygroups are displayed as colored blocks mapped across the Mapping Editor the grid above the MF3 piano keyboard. Trigger both to have both Layers audible. It’s the state of the art. You simply get a busy signal and keep trying back until you get an answer. I need one because my poor eyes can’t read the tiny font in the hard copy.

Highlight the first Sub-Rule and check the first Layer. I am buying Mach Five as a casual purchase to augment my studio and explore it, so I can wait on the manual and the seller is working to transfer registration with MOTU. This download provides a complete full installation mwnual MachFive 3.

What’s New

A Multi is your entire MF3 instantiation when used as a plug-inor “session” when used as a standalone application. Avoid adding a Sub-Rule to the first Sub-Rule. It is perfectly legal and proper to sell your used software, as long as you sell the registration transfer according to the companies policy.

This is most convenient for carrying all the content needed to load your MF3 Multi on another system. You can change the Oscillator type by clicking the drop-down menu next to the word “Sample” above the Oscillator Section, where you will find the options shown to the right.