Virtual – Virtudes y Vertigos, Lo (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Philippe Quean / Author: Ph Queau ; ; Science: general issues, Science . Lo Virtual / Virtual: Virtudes Y Vertigos / Virtues and Vertigos (Paidos Hipermedia ) (Spanish Edition) by Philippe Queau and a great selection of similar Used. Virtual – Virtudes y Vertigos, Lo (Paidos Hipermedia). 6 Nov by Philippe Quean and Ph. Queau. Paperback · £ (3 used & new offers). Show results for.

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They are syntheses that use mimesis. We generally find dull scenes, with grey and cloudy skies Contemporary scenarios are characterized by Haussmanian boulevards and buildings. The space that players can explore is usually limited by plots.

We have built the canon taking into account the number of units sold, significant advances in game design and aesthetics, and industry recognition. MW3 where the Tour Eiffel collapses. The Tube is used in several titles as a scenario for a level itself or link between stages. The third, Call of Duty: In early 3D games that depicted physical cities, models were focused on their iconic elements.

In fact, allusions to the cities history are common by reproducing iconic elements and actions. Relevant for the depiction of London are both the lighting and meteorological conditions.

We also gave preference to games that showed both of the cities we wanted to study, since this allows a clearer comparison of their representations. An introduction to game studies: Term search All of ProZ. In Cultural Perspectives of Videogames: Furthermore, games mixed particle systems and dynamic lights for achieving realism in effects.

Carlos Andrés Londoño Agudelo | Universidad de Antioquia –

Just as the Seventh Art did and as soon as the graphic processors allowed them to do so, videogames were inclined to use cities as one of their favourite scenarios. Paris in videogames As in London, Paris is presented in the analysed games to the players with an introductory screen or video. This qualitative approach will let us have a critical vision of the works in their historical moment and the vision they offer. We can conclude that in most cases, aesthetical resources are based in lighting and meteorological effects in order to emphasize dramatic qualities.


Remember me on this computer. This allows us to make comparisons between the digital and the physical cities and to look for further references in other cultural manifestations as both have a broad imagery associated to them. Introduction Videogames are cultural products1; technological consumption goods but additionally, manifestations of a society in a specific period of time.

The increasing search for realism and spectacularization in the depiction of cities points to a language in the process of configuration, but that already has its own characteristics.

They are versatile scenarios, always in tension, where everything seems possible. To access your virrtudes information you need to be authenticated, which means that you need to enter your password to confirm that you are indeed the person that the cookie claims you to be. Visual content was not bertigos only aspect which was improved due to larger disk storage, sounds and voices were also enhanced. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. This allows us to compare the two European metropolis representations, extract general conclusions about their use and depiction, plus search for influences.

The rest of the analysed games depict Paris in a realistic way through different times: Moreover, the representation or absence of avatars will modify the perception of the city: When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. The analysed games belong to different genres, from racing to shooters. Iannuzzelli, main character designer of Resistance: The user interface display UID is minimal in all cases, allowing the player to observe the whole scenario; and when not necessary, the UID temporarily disappears in some of the games.

Lighting and colour spectrum grew in importance for evoking different sensations.

It will also show if there has been an evolution in these depictions, always using a cultural frame as a background. Log In Sign Up.


In order to do so, we have built a canon of games based in their impact in videogame history. The typical brick houses appear simplified in all but racing games. Vote Promote or demote ideas. In order to do so, we have chosen two cities, London and Paris.

Retribution shows ruins, but depicts a limited and free interpretation based in a couple of iconic elements of the city. This has been clearly conditioned by technical advances, but also by the influence of the language of cinema. Paris is mainly shown with realistic graphics but a variety of aesthetics. Vittual city is slightly different to the physical one but players still can find famous landmarks although covered in dust. Looped music used in older games took a step towards complex and extensive melodies that enrich the scenes.

Brackin and Natacha Guyot. For the same reason, tiling was applied in textures, as in Tomb Raider 3. These locations are always realistically represented due to the application of bigger and more detailed textures than the rest of the buildings virtudws props of the scene. MW3 and partially Onimusha 3 show Paris in daylight. We have a two-fold purpose: While Tomb Raider 3 only shows the surroundings of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, in the two games fully located in London the avatar can freely move around the partially represented city.

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We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. The player needs to know the spaces and the best way to use them in order to advance in the game. Nevertheless, there is still a great use of underground areas for avoiding the reproduction of the magnificent and richly-detailed surface. In order to do so, we are conducting a comparative study vertkgos the representation of London and Paris in videogames.