Junan undo and kokyuho are the foundation of all taijutsu and thus it is important to practice them every day.” – SokeMany teachers of martial. JUNAN TAISO creates force, flexibility and health, even in high age. During the exercises one should observe, if and how they are interacting. Junan Taiso is a form of yoga used in Ninjustu to develop flexibility and coordination of the whole body and individual body parts. It utilizes dynamic flexibil.

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Junan Taiso Stretching Tips

jnan Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I hope this article has given you some good jumping off points for improving your training. Moving the hands closer to the knees increases flexibility.

Be sure to apply in both directions on both legs. There is a marked difference between warming up before class and having a proper stretching routine that will increase taiao flexibility and enhance vitality. Gently roll out when finished.

Through the practice of Yoga, one learns to master their breath as they hold yoga asanas yoga postures that send a conscious message of relaxation in the midst of tension and stress. Without bending the knees, reach and touch the toes ten times.

Junan Taisō 柔軟体操 – Classical Martial Arts Research Academy

Gomukhasana Cow FaceSimhasana Lion. This all makes sense now. A true stretching regimen should be done at a time when you can focus solely on the experience, giving each pose up to a minute or more of dedicated attention.

The back has a tendency to bow in the early stages, resist this by pushing forward on the pelvis as this straightens the back allowing the body to sink further. A correct stretch is when you take the muscle just to the very point of discomfort and then hold it there while you breathe and relax. Where does your greatest flexibility lie? I recommend setting aside thirty minutes or so, in the morning, after work, or in the evening before bed, in order to get the most benefit out of junan taiso.


Cup the knees and execute circular movements. It is important to realize that you will never have the opportunity to warm-up when faced with a crisis or violent encounter, and therefore should not come to rely on jnuan before a period of training. Hold the ankle in one hand and the foot with the other; turn the ankle ten times both clockwise and counterclockwise.

It utilizes dynamic flexibility principles that can be performed before and after training sessions for warming and calming the body. Likewise, give attention to the finger joints and wrists, rotating them all individually and loosening them up with gentle stretches.

Lie back with the txiso straight over the head and breath.

March 11th, Latest news from Nodashi Honbu D Authentic Ninjutsu Zenformation for taixo Modern Shinobi. If you stretch excessively before training, you may start class with muscles that are already fatigued, which can put you at risk of injury depending on how demanding your workout is.

For added resistance raise one leg then alternate. Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation.

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First I focus my awareness on all of the key joints such as my knees, elbows, wrists, and hips, making sure these are nice and limber. Again, you can experiment with what works best for you, keeping in mind the goal is to condition the body so that it is naturally flexible and does not need warming up before activity.


In ancient tales, there is a story about ninja who sowed hemp seeds, and leaped over it every day, even when it had grown to full length. Holding them with the hands, try touching the chin to the toes. Notify me junah new comments via email. When the movements are jnuan without emphasis on breathing and relaxation they only serve the purpose of physical conditioning.

Taoso continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Wisdom for Life Book Ninja Lessons. You can experiment and discover what has the most benefits for you. The point here is to arc away from the floor. Janushirasana the chin to the knee. Similarly, Junan Taiso body conditioning exercises or Junbi Undo warmup exercises or to do somethingare a collection of yoga exercises to make the body stronger and more flexible while junnan Ninjutsu. As you move the feet slowly you can feel the connections between the foot and calf.

Junan Taiso: The Yoga of Ninjutsu

Rise up, take a wider stand and bend the upper body to backward with straight arms. Martial arts, as we know them in the Western jhnan, were born out of yoga, which was born out of meditation. I also use this walking time to try and feel the motion of my muscles and identify any places that might still be tight and need additional stretching.

Then deepen the stretch very gradually.