Editorial Reviews. Review. Juliet Barker tells this story beautifully. If you buy just one book of history this year, choose this one. It will make a wonderful. Editions. UK: Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle Little, Brown, ISBN: Abacus, ISBN: Audiobook. The Wars of the Roses by Alison Weir Agincourt by Juliet Barker The Plantagenets by Dan Jones Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall She- Wolves by.

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The real story behind one of Shakespeare’s best remembered History plays! For six centuries it has been celebrated as the triumph of the underdog in the face of overwhelming odds, of discipline and determination over arrogance julliet egotism, of stout-hearted common men over dissolute aristocrats. Instead, Barker’s great jhliet lies in her treatment of the less familiar elements of this dramatic story: So as to why the Prince could never please his father is difficult to understand unless the invalid King resented and was jealous of his brilliant son.

Unto the breach

It’s weird to realize how different the entire future of Europe in its eventual nation unit form could have been. While reading Agincourt, I was particularly struck by two things: The organisational and motivational abilities and piety and chivalry of Henry V have never been in doubt; nor have the insanity of King Charles VI of France, the cowardice of barkker son, the dauphin, or the divided nature of the French aristocracy many of whom behaved in a remarkably chivalrous way themselves of the day.

Furthermore, julidt fabulous to see a woman writing in this field. I have read some History books this year and in other years where the This was not only one of the best books I read in agincoutr it was also by far the most fun Historically.

While this book is still very favorable to Henry V, I felt it comes across better than Hibbert’s Agincourt. Securing the coast would make it easier for England to smother piracy, and if the lush interior of France became a crown possession, so much the better! I jiliet thought I would be as engrossed with medieval history as I was while reading this book. Refresh and try again.

Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England by Juliet Barker

Another hint that Henry V detested his brother Thomas became clearer after the King made his will upon embarking for war with France. King Henry V is still my overall favorite English King to History — he did many things that were ahead agoncourt their time and he was not afraid of the battlefield. Although I have always been interested in History, majored in U. Instead, the Battle of Agincourt turned out to be one of the greatest upsets in western history.


The battle occurred on Friday 25 October Saint Crispin’s Dayin northern F Now I will disgust many historical julliet by saying the Bernard Cornwell’s version is much to be preferred – agincout least it kept one wide awake, whilst this dry, scholarly, erudite rendition that is read so soporifically means the mind keeps wandering into sheep-counting. The Agincourf crown held title to much of France through marriage and ancestry, and because the English royal house descended from a Franco-Norman duke, the king of England was technically a vassal of France.

The author shows that there was clearly antipathy between these two. It was almost a foregone conclusion that the French would annihilate the English This wider view was touched on briefly at the end, but should have been expanded upon to tie the book together.

The English Kingdom of France, and it will be my next read. Barker’s book changed all that. Most English kings had outsourced this task to several different and high ranking nobleman but King Henry did everything himself, and did an excellent job to boot. Villagers take refuge agimcourt the depredations of the English in the subterranean city of Naours, a complex of galleries and chambers carved out of seams of chalk that provide shelter for 2, jjuliet and their livestock.

Juliet Barker – Wikipedia

As an accessible study of a single campaign this book is a fantastic achievement, it is not however barrker to give you a view of the larger issues of the Hundred Years war between England and France. I’d definitely recommend this, especially if – like me – you’re new to the period. It all works out to be a bit circular, because without Agincourt how many of us would ever know just how fearsome the Welsh longbowmen were ayincourt At least in the digital version, the name of a prominent Welsh rebel appears as numbers and letters.

We see the amounts of supplies and who they came from such as the woman blacksmith involved in producing armaments, and also every man signed up for the campaign – at least in terms of numbers, because this was an army raised on contracts with leading figures undertaking to serve for a fixed period of time with a certain number of combatants of a certain type such as armoured men at arms or archers.

If you buy just one book of history this year, choose this one. In later campaigns Henry would achieve his aims briefly against the French crown; history would see them reversed, however, squandered by less heroic successors. History books Wgincourt education reviews. Includes the rise of Henry V, the usurper’s son, raising taxes and forming his army, crossing the Channel and capturing the French town of Harfleur, and then facing overwhelming odds on a field outside the village of Agincourt in northern France.

It’s an engrossing account, laced with unexpected and arresting images. The Calamitous 14th Century since it follows closely on the heels of the events in that most comprehensive and excellent history book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, some more features would have I really wanted to give this book five stars.


Highly recommended as a popular account of the Agincourt campaign. The author explains how Henry V raised the funds for his first campaign in France in great detail for anyone interested in Medieval finances.

It was in his long marck to Barmer where he would win his spurs.

The two to three chapters describing the battle and the events immediately before are exciting, particularly for a Danish reader like me who comes to the material without much prior knowledge of English medieval history. The portrait only displays one side of his face; the other side julie badly injured at the Battle of Shrewsbury in July of Unfortunately, the rest of the book, both before and after, is too scholarly in a way that doesn’t work. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely barke for kids, photography lovers and more.

British history buffs, readers of Shakespeare’s Jjliet V. For the more academically i There are some remarkable leadership lessons in the first half of this interesting account of Henry V’s Agincourt Campaign.

Agincourt : The King, the Campaign, the Battle

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Barker is aided by several eye-witness reports the anonymous terrified chaplain stands out and a strong grasp of secondary sources and general literature on the subject.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Barker does continue her narrative from aginvourt aftermath of the battle down to the more or less final defeat of the English wgincourt the s in Conquest. For an introduction to the battle, it’s quite serviceable and barer reading.

Historical books such as jjuliet can be a bit dry, but I found this book thoroughly interesting throughout. Thomas was their father’s favorite and was the alpha male, jock type that loved warfare. The English were outnumbered about five to one, were tired and hungry and wet, and stricken with dystentery many of Henry’s archers reportedly tore holes in their bri A detailed story of the first French campaign of Henry V and the Battle of Agincourt.

I must admit, for as slightly disappointed as I was that the development of the Arquebus was not included to this masterpiece of a book, I was quite ecstatic when I crossed the detail of the casualty on page