Page 1. Page 2. The HR Rondostat. Is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set . Honeywell HR is an electronic programmable thermostat made by Honeywell HRE (it is generally the same as HR), Honeywell.

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Example is tested KQ-U8A cable http: And then a WEB interface would be nice, too. Is rondostaf perhaps hardware dependent? AVR Studio is needed only for debugging, not for compilation. At this evening the error happens again. I am not wery experienced with Windows and have no license so I really would prefer a Linux based development platform.

But the question is – how long? Simply before master syncronize communication an without master you are not abble use encryption. The other functions are self describing I think.

Yesterday I bought me a HR20, connected my spi-programmer to the corresponding pins and set the fuses to l: It works on dekstop computers, smartphones and tablets, so you can control your heating system remotely from any network device. At the moment i have less time. Will try it soon, wish i could code in.



Don’t try to set a displayed Benefit is that it can be connected outside without open HR Hi just managed to flash the first HR I’ve found a solution for this but I’m not very happy with it. JTAG can be completly disabled, nothing more. The doors and windows are also permanently or at least quite often opened and closed in these rooms and this makes hojeywell even worse.

Got first PCBs and will try getting these to work during the next time. Jiri here are the long log.

I hope I can finish my modification for new timeroptions next week, too. I cannot change this behavior, because we rented this flat.

OpenHR 20 Tutorial: Part 0 – Introduction | piontec’s mumble

When there is interference, there is less space to maneuver. This site uses cookies. Touched Revisions on main trunk is Rev contain paranoid filter for temperature measure noise cancelation You can try it Jiri. So i took the hex and eep files from the repository and it works like a charm. Hello, You can test latest method to count motor pulses.


It is usual in numeric PID controllers. Strange thing is that this behavior is very similar to what I experienced with my very old HR20s from time to time.

See to my comments from Have fun with it. Any news on the development? It is possible if you disable some existing part of SW to save flash space for example rs com. Version before this revision use constant PWM for open and another constant for close.

It has several new features and supports the latest eeprom layout.


It is not pollite for others discus this document on this thread when it is not public now. I think that because of the strong spring in the valve the real valve position shifts a little bit every time the valve is closed.

Under this conditions the integrator will sum up to the rangellimit when wanted temp is 15,5 during the day and after midnight.