Coin Acceptors (Coinco) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of coin mechanisms, bill acceptors, control systems, and vending machines for the. Vantage · BillPro · Bill Recyclers (1/0). Vantage VR6 · Product History (2/0). Bill Acceptors · Coin Changers · iris (2/2). iris Reader · iris Media · Coinco-Office (0/1) . COINCO GLOBAL 2® SERIES O P E R AT I O N AN D S E R V I CE MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1: GENERAL INFORMATION.

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Coinco Global 2

Press C to select the payout configuration. Cash vends will still use the prices stored in addresses C to C Installation and removal can stress the plastic, causing the shims to lose their ability to stay firmly in place. Select tube C and drop one of coin type 2. Information currently stored in non-volatile memory will be displayed with the far right decimal point illuminated. Hand loading the tubes will not give an accurate audit reading.

Press Button C again to store the selection. Audit information is retrieved via the Digital Display by performing the following steps: Press A again to exit the Display Mode. OFF Escrow not inhibited. If still no payout, replace motor with good motor and test to see if changer operates properly.

Acceptor Glibal acceptor with good acceptor and test to see if changer operates correctly. The swiches are ON in the gkobal position.


Press A to exit the Display Gllobal. Use buttons B increase and D decrease to change the value to the desired price. These shims are color-coded and are fixed to the bottom of the coin tubes. It is programmable through a digital display making it easy to set up a user configuration.

Keeping changer in an upright position, remove cashbox chute located on the back of the changer by pulling lower edge out and down at the same time. Remove strain relief bracket, which coibco located in the upper left corner of changer housing, by removing screw.

In the EUR-A the 1c and 2c are disabled therefore the first coin accepted is the 5c so this is coin number 0. Z Indicates any special options.

See vending machine manual for details. All models equipped with the MDB protocol. The float pay-down level does not change. Press B to scroll up to Address C The switches are ON in the upwards position.

When high sensor level or float level is reached and in manual fill mode, coins will be rejected. The front cover will swing forward, exposing the tubes. Press C to enter the new routing information. Acceptor is dirty or foreign matter in coin accept path Check to see that acceptor coin path is clean and free of matter Clean acceptor and remove any foreign matter.

Lightweight, rugged plastic construction. Place a screw driver into the slot and apply an inward pressure to free the tube retainer tab whilst pulling upwards on the tube. The reported currency will be that of the coins being paid out Used to select a standard payout configuration conico for a user payout configuration. Supply Voltage Error The error codes listed below are displayed upon occurrence: OFF Vend is pulsed.


Free coimco issued directly from the vending machine are not audited by the changer. ALT options are user programmable. Tubes coknco in and out of housing for easy customization of your changer Vlobal out change from self-loading, high capacity change tubes Two motors provide fast, accurate payout.

4 Coinco Global 2 Coin Mechanisms GBP G MDB Plus | eBay

Press B to increase scroll through the various addresses. Replace defective payout motor. If coin still goes to cashbox, replace acceptor with good acceptor and test to see if changer functions properly. Free acceptor studs from changer housing. Once you have reached the address you need to access, press Button C to enter the address. Instructions for removing and replacing modules are provided below. We recommend that you keep the original shipping carton and packing materials to reuse if you need to globbal or ship your changer in the future.

Coin Number 0 is the first coin value accepted, coins that are disabled are not reported.