In this getAbstract summary, you will learn: What a “chaordic” organization is; How to create one; Why purpose – not profit – must drive the development of. This is the story of how VISA International was conceived, founded and established. It challenges the ideas and radical philosophy about the nature of the world. This is one of Dee Hock’s favourite tricks to play on an audience. “How many of you recognize this?” he asks, holding out his own Visa card.

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This book is a great read! He credits the worldwide success of VISA with its chaordic structure — it is owned by its member banks which both compete with each other for customers and must cooperate by honoring one another’s transactions across borders and currencies. Whats in a Name?

Hock advocates a new organizational form that he calls “”chaordic, “” or simultaneously chaotic and orderly. If we fail at this task, the alternative is one no caring person should wish off contemplatesocial carnage and environmental devastation beyond imagining. The more we compete, the more we need to cooperate.


Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. That is the question that can save us as a people. Clearly each is perceiving a “difference that makes a difference.

Chaordic organization bieth about releasing what people desire in the depth chaodric This book is a great bbirth Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of It has created a society of people alienated from their work and from the organizations in which they are enmeshed.


Most will evolve, however slowly and painfully, into a form in which power, wealth and information are more widely dispersed and commonly shared. This is not to say that all present industrial organizations are doomed. Simply stated, nanotechnology is the engineering of self-replicating assemblers and computers so tiny they can manipulate atoms, the basic building blocks of nature, as though they were bricks.

In Birth of the Chaordic Age, Dee Hock argues that traditional organizational forms can no longer work because organizations have become too complex. During the next fifty years, an infinite variety of Chaordic organizations must thhe, political and social. About the Chaordic Alliance. The book shows how these same chaordic concepts are now being put into practice in a broad range of business, social, community, and government organizations.

As each task was completed, its scrap of paper would be removed.

IBM, then the infallible behemoth of the computer industry, was the supplier of computers to 80 percent of our members. People astonished themselves at what they could accomplish and were amazed at the suppressed talents that emerged in others. If it can be differentiated and truly makes a difference, then it becomes in-formation. Refresh and try again. Diana G Rodriguez rated it really liked it Feb 08, By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Every element of work to be done was listed on scraps of paper with the required completion date and name of the person who had accepted the work. Leap followed leap, each exponentially greater and more frequent. Tobias rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Money would become data, data would become electronic particles and the credit card would become a device for the electronic exchange of value.


The system came up on time, under budget and exceeded all operating objectives. He has a keen understanding as to why we have the problems we chaotdic and why no one is doing anything helpful about it.

The following months were among the most exciting in the history of the company.

Book Excerpt: Birth of the Chaordic Age

You have endlessly suffered through it and, worse yet, may be inflicting it on others. Noam rated it it was amazing Aug 27, January 1, by Dee Hock. The Olympic Games combine immense cooperation in structure and rules with intense competition in events. Not the chance of a snowball in that proverbial hot place.


Around the corner are other revolutions of enormously greater significance, such as nano- and biotechnology. The necessary science has already been discovered. How soon and how likely are such things? The Corporation or the Cane? Without question, the most abundant, least expensive, must underutilized and constantly abused resource in the world today is human ingenuity. Here is a direct quote “The nonmonetary exchange of value is the most effective, constructive system ever devised.

Books by Dee Hock. Over the centuries, we have ascended a ladder of diversity and complexity. View our privacy policy before signing up.