Welcome to the 2009 Cliburn Competition Webcast!

In order to watch the live video stream of competition performances, you must download the Silverlight program. You will be able to click on the player launch button once Silverlight is installed on your computer.

This player offers extensive functionality with an array of interactive features designed to enhance your viewing.

You may vote during each round of the competition, read the competition blog, send emails to competitors, and, during the finals, enjoy written commentaries to alert you what to listen for while you are watching.

In addition to streaming all competition performances live, this webcast gives you access to all rehearsals during the Semifinal and Final Rounds. And, each program is immediately archived for on-demand viewing, which is especially important if you are joining us from overseas.

It is our privilege to bring the Cliburn Competition to you, as we strive to share the beauty of classical music with everyone. We hope that you appreciate this free service, and that you will consider supporting this webcast with a donation.

Thank you.