Hannover ~ the half way point at the Hochschule auditions

The Hochschule in Hannover, one of Germany’s prestigious music conservatories, welcomed the Cliburn Screening Jury with a warm reception following a Press Conference which featured an interview of Richard for German television and interviews with Veda and Richard for German radio. The Hochschule has made a great effort to publicize this event which will fill the hall for the entire week; these lively posters are everywhere on campus.

Audiences crowd to see the schedules for the first day of afternoon and evening auditions.

Applicants are coming to Hanover for the auditions from many countries: Belgium, Canada, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Ukraine. This international representation gives much meaning to the spirit of the Cliburn ~ the power of cultural diplomacy.

All bundled up for the walk to the Hochschule. John is proud of his new hat, and Marcello sports a special sparkle ~ always!

On Tuesday, competitors showed off many composers, even though Chopin headed the list; in one evening there were performances of his Twelve Etudes ~ Opus 25 and Opus 10. The audiences are enthusiastic and applaud warmly, calling back their favorites for two or three bows. Thursday night, it was almost a full house, as many came to encourage ‘the home team’, Hannover Hochschule artists.

Richard tells Linda Engelhardt how much we appreciate all the arrangments and hospitalaity she made possible at the Hochschule for the Cliburn Auditions.

Richard tells Linda Engelhardt how much we appreciate the arrangements and hospitality she made possible at the Hochschule for the Cliburn Auditions.

Linda and Richard served together on the Executive Committee of the World Federation of International Competitions for many years. Linda is recently retired Executive Director of the Celle Violin Competition. She encouraged the Hochschule in Hannover to roll out the red carpet for the Cliburn. Wonderful success!

As a matter of protocol as Chairman of the Competition, it is not proper for me to comment on the performances. I am anxious not to show any preference that I shy away from taking photographs of applicants backstage or pacing the halls waiting to go on stage. However, I do want to note the high level of talent, the earnestness and desire of these young artists to communicate and to share their incredible gifts. There have been many memorable moments. I wish all could share in the experience. Alann

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